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  • May102022

    Unintended Consequences

    At the beginning of the year, if someone had said to me the Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine and that…

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  • May062022

    Let’s take a look at your loans

    6th May 2022  Restructure your loans… As you will know, the Bank of England has just raised the base rate…

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  • Apr272022

    Congratulations to the new faces of British Formula 4.

    As a technical sponsor to your Formula 4 Championship, we would like to say a huge congratulations to the drivers…

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  • Apr262022

    Classic & Sports Finance announces partnership with Hagerty

    Classic & Sports Finance announces a new partnership with Hagerty International, the UK’s leading classic car insurance company, to offer…

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  • Apr132022

    Classic & Sports Finance on board for ROKiT British F4 2022

    Press Release : Classic & Sports Finance on board for ROKiT British F4’s new chapter Established in 1999, Classic &…

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  • Apr072022

    The Insider’s Market Report – ‘Young timer’ F1 Cars

    Rewind the Formula One clock 30 years and you’ll find cars with real presence, neat of line and without the…

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  • Jan242022

    Goodbye to the accidental classic

    With the recent UK scrap page scheme, in which owners were paid to scrap older, inefficient cars in favour of…

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  • Apr012021

    Why Make a Continuation Car?

    Continuation or Deviation? In the last few years, we have seen a succession of what has become known as ‘Continuation’…

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  • Mar262021

    Fuelling the Future: E10 Fuel Changes

    What are the changes? From 1st September 2021, all 95-octane petrol on sale will be E10 grade, meaning that there…

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  • Apr202020
    Classic Sport And Finance The Market Online Auctions

    The Market – Online Auctions

    How to Buy and Sell in Lockdown Whilst some of the houses are now offering online bidding, others have simply…

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