2004 Aston Martin Vanquish 2+2 – (S clutch upgrade) – for £499 per month*

2004 Aston Martin Vanquish 2+2 – (S clutch upgrade) – for £499 per month*
29th September 2023 Team CSF
Aston Martin For Sale

2004 Aston Martin Vanquish 2+2 – (S clutch upgrade) – for £499 per month*

For Sale!

Occasionally we are asked by our clients if we can assist in finding their cherished cars a new home. The owner of this Aston Martin, which is one of a diverse collection of cars, has reached the age where he no longer uses this lovely machine. In the current market, the Vanquish model has struggled a little and now represents great value for money. Rewind 2-3 years, these were very sought after with honest examples hard to find and at a much higher price level (See the market review below from 2017). Our client purchased this car in 2014 at circa 15,753 miles and currently indicates 19,974 with only a few hundred miles added in the past 2 years. The condition of the car is exemplary, with very faint evidence of what we would consider light wear and tear. The interior is absolutely reflective of the mileage and very close to being new – our client is the third owner.

Nicholas Mee market review 2017

Aston Martin For Sale

“Now pay attention 007 

A fresh MOT was completed in August with no advisories. In fact, on the anniversary of the majority of MOTs, there have been little to no issues, underlining that this is indeed a well-cared for example. To my mind, this is as low as these models will be in the market and are surely to bounce back in the near future. A piece of 007 history at under £60,000 and “a weapon that handles well.”

Log book, owners manual and Aston Martin For Sale

My illustration below is what I consider to be a good formula to buy a second or weekend fun car and most certainly a cost effective way into a Bond Aston Martin at below £500 per month.

Finance example for the car that is for sale.

*Calculated at an interest rate of 10.2% and with a documentation fee of £180 on the first and last payments – 11% APR fixed for the term. Regulated Hire Purchase facility with balloon. Subject to status and finance house underwriting.

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