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We pioneered Classic Car Finance, so we understand the cars and the market better than anyone.

We pioneered classic car finance, so we understand the cars and the market better than anyone. Our classic car finance products are flexible to your own specific needs and requirements. Our process ensures you are advised correctly and that your finance package is one that suits you when considering classic car finance. We pride ourselves on an efficient service resulting in quick decisions and fast payout. There is no age limit of classic cars we can finance and through our network of approved dealers and specialists, we ensure you are buying the right car from the right people.

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Front view of a stunning classic car, the Le Mans Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato with racing green paintwork.

We can offer long term classic car finance agreements and loans, hire purchase facilities, with or without balloon payments and while we prefer you to be buying through a dealer, we can often support you through a private purchase where required. We want to support you in ownership, and we can offer ownership advice, discounts to car clubs and a series of motoring events for you to enjoy your classic car. If you currently own the vehicle or have a collection you wish to raise capital against, we can also offer Equity Release facilities.

If you are in the early stages of buying a car and considering classic car finance, we can offer clear direction as we recognise that funding is only a part of a much larger process and that the market can be confusing. You may want to have the car independently inspected or need advice surrounding insurance, storage or wider aspects of ownership. We’re here to help.

Your Finance Options

Simple graphic of a classic sports car, side view of the Lancia 037.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is the most widely used form of finance. Once all payments are completed the car or asset is yours.

Outline graphic of a classic Porsche sports car.

HP with Balloon

Hire purchase with a balloon payment allows you to offset a certain amount of borrowing until the end of the agreement.

Graphic of a classic car, a vintage Bugatti racing vehicle, seen from the side.

Equity Release

Equity release allows owners and collectors to unlock the capital in a car, a collection of cars or assets already in their stable.

Drawing of a restoration car, a classic Aston Martin, being loaded on to a transport vehicle.

Restoration Finance

Restorations can be costly and time consuming. Classic & Sports Finance have a number of innovative solutions to help.

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