Vintage Car Finance

Vintage, Veteran and Historic Car Finance is often difficult to obtain but don’t worry, it’s our specialty.

Veteran cars are usually defined as built between 1905-1918, a Vintage car between 1919-1930 and a car built between 1931-1945 a Post-Vintage model. This small and niche sector of the market is crucially important to the historic car movement as this is where as a motoring nation, our roots are. Few understand or appreciate pre-war cars however we have been dealing with them for three decades and we have a large network or dealers and suppliers to support you through every step of ownership. With events as the London to Brighton Run, Goodwood Revival and international rallies, the Vintage and Veteran car scene is as strong as it has ever been and demand just as strong.

The front of a classic car, a restored Alfa Romeo, an example of vintage car finance options.
We offer a variety of financing options, flexible length of agreements, with or without balloon payments, all structured to suit your specific needs. Our car finance options remain simple and uncomplicated. If you already own a Vintage, Veteran or Historic  car and wish to release capital from it, our Equity Release facility will help you raise the cashflow you may require.

What Type of Finance Are You Looking For?

Classic Car Finance

Classic and collector cars from 1946 onwards are our core business.

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Sports Car Finance

Our packages cover all ages of cars including brand new models.

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Vintage Car Finance

We have developed bespoke finance plans for vintage and veteran cars.

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Motorsport Finance

Competitive & uncomplicated finance options for buying a race car.

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Asset Finance

Let us help you grow your business or invest in your passion.

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Equity Release

Equity release is a great way to unlock the capital tied up in your assets.

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Your Finance Options

Simple graphic of a classic sports car, side view of the Lancia 037.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is the most widely used form of finance. Once all payments are completed the car or asset is yours.

Outline graphic of a classic Porsche sports car.

Balloon Payment HP

Hire purchase with a balloon payment allows you to offset a certain amount of borrowing until the end of the agreement.

Graphic of a classic car, a vintage Bugatti racing vehicle, seen from the side.

Equity Release

Equity release allows owners and collectors to unlock the capital in a car, a collection of cars or assets already in their stable.

Drawing of a restoration car, a classic Aston Martin, being loaded on to a transport vehicle.

Restoration Finance

Restorations can be costly and time consuming. Classic & Sports Finance havea number of innovative solutions to help.

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