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We offer a wide variety of finance options, each tailored to suit your personal circumstances and requirements.

Your Finance Options

Simple graphic of a classic sports car, side view of the Lancia 037.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is the most widely used form of finance. Once all payments are completed the car or asset is yours.

Balloon Payment HP

Hire purchase with a balloon payment allows you to offset a certain amount of borrowing until the end of the agreement.

Graphic of a classic car, a vintage Bugatti racing vehicle, seen from the side.

Equity Release

Equity release allows owners and collectors to unlock the capital in a car, a collection of cars or assets already in their stable.

Drawing of a restoration car, a classic Aston Martin, being loaded on to a transport vehicle.

Restoration Finance

Restorations can be costly and time consuming. Classic & Sports Finance have a number of innovative solutions to help.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is the most widely used form of finance and the loan is secured against the car or asset itself. You pay an agreed deposit and finance the remainder of the balance, usually over 2–5 years, the choice is yours. Once you have completed all the payments the car or asset is yours. You can settle the agreement at any time or make amendments to the agreement to suit your current requirements.

A Lambourghini Countach pictured against a moody sky to illustrate classic car finance solutions.

Balloon Payment with HP

A hire purchase with a balloon payment allows you to offset a certain amount of what you are borrowing until the end of the agreement. This lowers the monthly payment when compared to a normal hire purchase agreement, however at the end of the agreement you will need to settle the balloon payment. Balloon payments can appear attractive but are not suitable in all circumstances. Let us advice you accordingly to ensure you have the right funding options for your needs.

Equity Release

Equity release, also known as capital release, allows you to unlock any capital in a car or asset you already own. By financing a car, collection or asset, you will receive a cash payment of the agreed amount, providing funds to spend as you wish, perhaps for any other purchase or project you may have requiring funds.

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The shiny red shell of a classic car in a workshop, vintage car restoration finance options in action.

Restoration Finance

While you cannot directly finance the cost of a restoration, we have a number of innovate solutions to help you manage the costs of restorations which are often costly and require unexpected additional expenditure.

We can raise capital for you in a number of ways, usually against the car you are restoring or against another car or asset you may own and it may also be possible to borrow money against the finished product.

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