Working Capital!

Working Capital!
23rd August 2023 Team CSF

Working Capital!

Using specialist motor cars to raise capital has always been a straight forward and simple process compared to using traditional banking facilities. We are now finding that you, our clients, are asking to raise capital against other hard assets that you were previously unaware were available to you. In basic terms, if an item of machinery, manufacturing equipment or lifestyle asset (horsebox, boat, aeroplane or motorhome etc.) has a defined market value, then it can be used to raise funds against. We use a Sale and Hire Purchase Back product, which is competitive, simple and quick to complete. This can be used for a wide variety of assets with realistic loan-to-value ratios.

The past few months have been a great opportunity for us to work with many of you in your wider requirements of raising money, whether for working capital, business opportunities, debt restructuring, or just simply an asset purchase.

Our credit lines are still very much secure, with good availability on competitive and flexible lending structures and it appears, so far, that the recent BOE increase has not filtered through to the lending platforms. The general feeling is though that interest rates may still have a little way to go before they settle back to a stable level. My thoughts are that if you have anything at all on your desk that you wish to discuss, please contact one of our team to look at your options.

Illustration of Truck - We can raise capital on this asset

Remember, capital is available for use across all commercial sectors, with a small list below highlighting what we have recently been involved in. If you are looking to purchase equipment abroad, this can also be facilitated (subject to discussion).

  • Factory equipment (Racking, alarm systems, sprinklers, telephones etc.)
  • Lifts & ramps
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Extraction systems
  • Security & fire systems
  • Heating & lighting
  • IT infrastructure and software
  • Commercial vehicles – parts vans and transporters
  • CNC machines and printers
  • Manufacturing equipment

Illustration of Aston Martin V8 - We can raise capital on this asset

Case Study – Sale and HP Back

Our client purchased a Strecker SS120 Welder from the German supplier and once shipped and installed was able to re-finance 70% of the purchase price. Terms secured were a 48 month re-payment period with an offset balloon.

Case Study – From Classic to Commercial

Our client needed to raise capital quickly and efficiently to purchase a commercial property. Using a Sale and Hire Purchase Back facility on his high value classic car, meant that he could secure and complete his purchase way ahead of any high street banking facility and at minimal administration cost. This type of transaction typically takes 5-7 working days.