Market Intelligence

  • Jul122022

    The Insiders Market Report: As Good as Gold?

    With annual inflation closing in at 9% and financial markets stalling I have been half considering liquidising my own portfolio and instead adding to my garage collection.

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  • May102022

    Unintended Consequences

    At the beginning of the year, if someone had said to me the Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine and that…

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  • Apr072022

    The Insider’s Market Report – ‘Young timer’ F1 Cars

    Rewind the Formula One clock 30 years and you’ll find cars with real presence, neat of line and without the…

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  • Dec012021

    Which Classic Car Should I Invest In?

    Which Classic Car Should I Invest In? The question above is one that I am asked constantly and my standard…

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  • Nov222021

    £1.2 Million Capital Release

    £1.2 Million Capital Release Against High-Value Car Collection Providing finance for a car purchase is one element of our service, however, the bulk…

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  • Nov012021
    The Changing Faces of Automotive Retail.

    The Changing Faces of Automotive Retail

    When lockdown hit last March industries had to reinvent the way in which they operate in order to continue doing…

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  • Oct082021
    Prestige Driver

    Prestige Driver App™

    Prestige Driver App™ Partners with Classic & Sports Finance The New Way To Browse Collectable Cars We are always keen…

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  • Oct062021
    changing of the Guard

    Changing of the Guard

    Unlike some stakeholders in the industry, we have no vested interest in commenting on the market – we don’t have…

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  • Sep152021
    equity release

    Equity Release Q&A

    What is equity release? Equity release is when you place an unencumbered asset onto a finance agreement and release the…

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  • Sep152021

    Refinance Q&A

    What is refinance? Refinance is when we review your current finance agreement on your car or asset and re-structure the…

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