Market Intelligence

  • May022024

    What does your broker really do?

    On the odd occasion that I have been invited to a dinner party and been placed next to someone I…

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  • Aug302023

    Don’t lose storage income

    We are increasingly being asked by our storage contacts if we can help their clients to raise money they may…

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  • Aug232023

    Working Capital!

    Using specialist motor cars to raise capital has always been a straight forward and simple process compared to using traditional…

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  • Aug082023

    Franchised Dealers – No More Deals!

    The way we, as the public, buy new cars in the UK is changing. In January this year Mercedes-Benz UK…

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  • Aug082023

    Why you should finance assets when the economy is volatile.

    The continued rhetoric around mortgages is potentially sending out the wrong message. Although we are finding Consumer underwriting very affordability…

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  • Jul042023

    Not all assets are created equal

    With the Bank of England interest rate now at a level that we haven’t seen for 15 years, the market is adjusting…

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  • May182023

    The New Normal?

    The rate game, where do we go from here? Our immediate take on the way ahead for motor finance in…

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  • Feb032023

    Interest Rates!

    February 2023 Lowest interest rate from 8.9% APR* As many of you will have seen, the Bank of England have…

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  • Nov042022

    Unchartered Waters

    In its modern form, the classic car market has essentially been in existence for a little over 40 years. The…

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  • Oct312022

    There’s nothing scary about a mature, sophisticated funding plan…

    Finance available As the market changes, it is important for us to go back to the skeleton of our business…

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