Don’t lose storage income

Don’t lose storage income
30th August 2023 Team CSF

Don’t lose storage income

We are increasingly being asked by our storage contacts if we can help their clients to raise money they may need in other areas of their lives as an alternative to selling their cars (remember we are in a slightly stressed market). Rather than have the car removed from your facility with a view to being sold, we may be able to help your customer by releasing the capital required, enabling them to keep the car and you, their custom.

Although you may primarily know us for our funding packages when purchasing a car, we also have a portfolio of products available for storage development and expansion and capital raising against all forms of hard assets. Our commercial funding products assist many medium to large businesses expand and grow. For any funding requirement, no matter how small – please call to discuss.

Signature - Robert Johnson, Managing Director.



If a car or any general asset has a strong market value, we can raise capital against it. Our facilities are market competitive, simple and fast. Using a Sale and Hire Purchase Back facility, we can often raise up to 90% of the asset value. An introduction to the client is all that’s needed.


  • You keep the storage income stream you currently have with your client.
  • Your client releases the capital required.
  • They retain ownership of their car/cars.
  • The capital is paid to them directly for use elsewhere.



Marketing Opportunities

In the coming weeks, we will be providing insights, product offerings and new direct to our Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari clients. If you have an interesting car, newsletter, event or anything that you would like me to share with our database – let me know.