Finance Intelligence

  • May062022

    Let’s take a look at your loans

    6th May 2022  Restructure your loans… As you will know, the Bank of England has just raised the base rate…

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  • Dec012021

    Which Classic Car Should I Invest In?

    Which Classic Car Should I Invest In? The question above is one that I am asked constantly and my standard…

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  • Sep152021

    Loan Consolidation Q&A

    What is loan consolidation? Loan consolidation is a method of consolidating multiple loans onto one agreement. What are the benefits…

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  • Sep152021
    equity release

    Equity Release Q&A

    What is equity release? Equity release is when you place an unencumbered asset onto a finance agreement and release the…

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  • Sep152021

    Refinance Q&A

    What is refinance? Refinance is when we review your current finance agreement on your car or asset and re-structure the…

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  • Aug262021

    Car Market – Post COVID

    The Car Market – Post COVID Last August, amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, we gave our take on the market…

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  • Apr012021

    Why Make a Continuation Car?

    Continuation or Deviation? In the last few years, we have seen a succession of what has become known as ‘Continuation’…

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  • Jun222020

    Borrowed elsewhere? It’s time to check your agreement.

    The past few months have naturally encouraged many of us to look at the structure of our financial commitments and…

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  • Apr202020

    Opportunity for the Enthusiast?

    We are currently experiencing extraordinary times – coronavirus is sweeping across the globe, lockdown is impacting billions of people and…

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  • Apr022020
    Classic & Sport Finance Why Wealthy People Finance Cars

    Why Wealthy People Finance Cars

    Finance can often be a dirty word and there is a common misconception that finance is about affordability.  Of course…

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