Finance Intelligence

  • Apr012021
    DB5 continuation

    Why Make a Continuation Car?

    Continuation or Deviation? In the last few years, we have seen a succession of what has become known as ‘Continuation’…

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  • Mar032021

    Supply or Demand? Collector Car Market Update

    Supply or Demand? Those within the industry are often accused of ‘talking up the market’- that is reporting only good…

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  • Feb242021

    Why use a Finance Broker?

    The world of finance can be daunting with a multitude of loan marketing and advertising campaigns directed at you, mainly…

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  • Feb172021

    New FCA Car Finance Rules & Regulations

    The FCA makes a positive change – New regulations and rules by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have condemned the…

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  • Jan272021

    Fast Loans, Asset Finance & Equity Release

    We are often involved in transactions that need to be fast for many reasons – solve a problem – cash-raising…

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  • Jan252021
    Online Auctions

    Classic Car Auction Market, Online vs Physical – Part 1

    As lockdown boredom draws to an end, we have registered for a number of auctions this month, as many others…

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  • Jan192021

    Business Asset Finance – Flexible Loans

    For most small to medium-sized companies, asset finance is quite often associated with the purchase of equipment used in that…

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  • Dec162020
    Classic Cars Millennials

    Millennials and Classic Cars

    The link between a vinyl record and a classic car isn’t immediately obvious. What binds them together is an analogue…

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  • Dec072020

    How does a classic car’s past influence its future?

    How much does a former owner impact the market value of a collectable car? Obviously, there is no clear-cut answer…

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  • Aug112020
    State of The Market - August 2020

    State of The Market – August 2020

    Ahead of the Silverstone Auctions sale two weeks ago the media was filled with stories of an impending economic downturn,…

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