Equity Release Q&A

Equity Release Q&A
15th September 2021 Emma Haynes
equity release

Equity Release Q&A

What is equity release?

Equity release is when you place an unencumbered asset onto a finance agreement and release the capital for use elsewhere.

Why should I consider releasing equity?

Releasing equity frees up capital to be used in other areas such as house purchases, business development or alternative investments.

What can I release equity from?

You can release equity from any tangible asset of value, such as a car, aviation or marine products, jewellery and even art!

How much can be released?

Provided the asset values well, we can often release up to 80% of its agreed value.

Will I still own my asset?

Equity release is not pawnbroking, it is a simple way of placing your item onto a finance agreement such as Hire Purchase where you still maintain possession.

What flexibility is in the agreement?

The majority of our finance agreements are written on a Regulated Hire Purchase document which allows flexibility with an early and partial settlement.

Are there other finance options?

Yes, we can talk you through the different options such as loan consolidation and refinancing. Please give us a call on 01869351512.

Can I talk through my requirement?

Without a doubt! We know finance isn’t always easy to understand or straightforward, so call us as we are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have! 01869351512