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Classic Cars

Classic Cars

All classic cars are considered and range from an MGB to a Ferrari 250 GTO. Our market experience will assist you with the funding and the purchase. Find Out More »

Sports Cars

Sports Cars

We have many years experience with brand new and any age of used performance cars, absolutely no age restriction on the funding of a used sports car. Find Out More »

Race Cars

Race Cars

Race car funding available for the majority of race car requirements with good market knowledge on new, pre raced and historic car purchases. Find Out More »

Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

Vintage or Veteran, our funding is the same for these Grandfathers of the road. Again we support you with good market knowledge and experience. Find Out More »

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The alternative funding attitude

If you wish to arrange specialist finance for your next car, you will find that there is a gap between what the regular car finance institutions are offering and what you are looking for.


The current high street lenders will often only provide loans on cars less than ten years old and if its a Classic or a Racing model that you’re looking to finance you may find you have little chance of securing a finance facility at all, let alone one that suits your needs.


In truth, the simple fact is that they just do not understand the classic car finance market or the wants and needs of a customer like you.

Main line finance companies prefer to secure their lending on main line cars. It is clearly a simple process with a simple set of strict criteria. If you are looking for something stunning, vintage, racy, sporty or even classic – you may not fit into the underwriters pigeon hole marked “easy to process”.


In turn this means that they will either not consider it or levy the option due to the unfamiliar product involved.


Classic and Sports Finance brings you an alternative to this tired lending attitude – find out more about our car finance options, or contact us directly.


Robert Johnson, Managing Director. Classic & Sports Finance

More than just Finance

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Driving your investments

At Classic and Sports Finance, our enthusiasm is our culture.


To ensure we make your application as seamless as possible, it is important to work with you and fully understand your requirements. Our diverse knowledge of all aspects of the classic and sports motor and finance markets ensure we provide the correct facility for the correct car.


Working directly with the private banking sector and the UK’s top specialist car suppliers, we have the very latest market information and products – meaning that what you are offered is the very best that is available. Integrity, knowledge and style!.


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