International Women’s Day 2024 – #inspireinclusion

International Women’s Day 2024 – #inspireinclusion
8th March 2024 CSF Marketing

International Women’s Day 2024 – #inspireinclusion

2024’s theme for The International Women’s Day is ‘let’s inspire inclusion’. By inspiring others to understand and value women’s inclusion we will forge a better world.

At Classic & Sports Finance we fully support #inspireinclusion in a multitude of ways, particularly in the automotive industry that has long been considered a male-dominated sector. We are proud, as a business, that women make up 80% of our workforce. Not only this, but one of our Co-Directors, Lauren Davis, is making strides daily to break stereotypes in the industry and has risen through the ranks to make her impact.

In this article we take a moment to get to know Lauren better, to celebrate her accomplishments (and coincidentally her birthday which lands on International Women’s Day!).

What is your role at Classic & Sports Finance?

I am on the board of Directors and about to take the leading role as Managing Director.

What does this role entail, do you have a typical day?

Honestly, no two days are the same and that is what makes it so challenging and enjoyable. My day can vary from many hours talking with clients on and off the telephone, working through complex financial transactions to simple tea making. We promote a hands-on business and I do insist on overseeing and being a key part of the majority of the funding and client management process.

How long have you been with the company?

I have been with the team since August 2017

Could you summarise your career at CSF?

My path has been steadily progressive, having first joined the team as Client Funding Specialist progressing to Head of Finance Operations, Director, and now Managing Director.

What attracted you to work in finance and join the team?

The story of how I came to work at CSF isn’t the typical route you would expect and is quite a funny story…

I was working at a car dealership in a sales role when Rob Johnson (the founder of CSF) came in to get his car serviced, however, when he was paying his bill, his credit card was declined as he was unaware it had expired. In a positive and humorous manner and as I was standing near the reception area, I offered to shred it for him (though he suggested not, for some reason)! The next day I got a call from Rob about a black Mercedes Benz Coupe that he had seen on the forecourt (after finally settling his invoice) and he asked if he could arrange a test drive with a view to purchase. I was excited to get out of the dealership and got it there for lunchtime. Whilst there and after deciding to buy he explained what the business does and that having a strong personality and good character is so important in providing an experienced and solid business proposition. Soon after he bought the car a role became available within the company and the rest is history!

Funnily enough, we have never been able to part with that car, and it has given the business many years and miles of great service. We have passed it to my father – keeping it in the family!

What initially drew you to the automotive industry?

I was working away from my family in the Metropolitan Police as a Police Officer when I lost my brother to brain cancer. Experiencing such a personal loss made it difficult to conduct my role and I ultimately needed to be home in Warwickshire near my family. I spotted a totally different job in a large local dealership and being a ‘people’ person, wanted to lose myself in a busy environment. It worked well for me at the time.

What is the best part about your current role?

We are often involved in higher-value and sometimes complex transactions. Our clients, by nature, are not always straightforward forward and being able to work through and develop their requirement to a satisfactory completion is so rewarding. The simple comment of “That was quick” is worth the hours of work. Our clients become friends to our business, and I have really grown to value that.

What motivates you to work so hard?

I enjoy what I do, it’s incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Being the best really does make you feel valued.

Obviously, you have achieved great things in your career, what are your future goals?

To hit the ground running in the leading role as Managing Director and to build even further on diversifying our service offering. I am looking to navigate the future in a market that has become competitive and regulatorily difficult. I have a 25-year legacy to follow and intend on continuing it to good effect.

What piece of advice would you give to other young women looking to succeed in the automotive, finance, and motorsport sectors?

The industry is undoubtedly male-dominated and needs a strong, confident and robust approach. Being articulate, honest and accurate in handling anybody has always been key. Make a considered decision and stick to it but – have the conviction of change if it is appropriate. I’ve tried to be as agile in my approach to challenges as possible and it has carried me through.


We are proud within our business to advocate for inclusivity and looking forward to working with Lauren under her new custodianship. Promotion is one thing but, on a birthday, too? We hope you will join us in congratulating Lauren on her dedicated journey and of course, wishing her a Happy Birthday!