Release the capital in your assets

Release the capital in your assets
15th April 2024 CSF Marketing

Release the capital in your assets

What options do you have when you need to raise capital quickly for personal or business use?

There are many options available to you if you own assets that are unencumbered or encumbered with a low loan to value. By assessing the market value we can potentially release up to 80% or restructure your current facility to release further funds. Current loan structures should be reviewed annually to ensure you are receiving market competitive interest rates. 

What is equity release?

Equity release is a loan document created against the asset on a standard hire purchase sale and HP back type facility. This is a simple and seamless transaction where proof of title is required and the asset generally must be in the United Kingdom. 

Why would you consider equity release?

Equity release has proven to be a simple and quick method of raising capital against owned assets. The facility often avoids having to draw funds from alternative resources such as dividends, the sale of stocks and shares, or remortgaging of property. It really is a simple and fast alternative solution.

What can you release equity from?

Generally, any asset (not property) that has a serial number and a clear market value can be levered against. The item you are offering as security will need to have a clear route of title and demonstrable ownership. We will work with you to ensure the profile of any application is suitable for underwriting. We are open to discuss any form of asset which includes, cars, boats, aircrafts, machinery, motorcycles etc.

Recently we were tasked with raising £60,000…

Our client’s request was to raise £60,000 for property development within the timescale of five working days. As a collector of motorcycles, we were able to raise the required amount directly from his collection within the timeframe.

What makes these transactions seamless is working closely with our clients to establish the correct information and documentation for underwriting. Good and clear title to each asset is crucial, alongside realistic market valuations. Our insurance partner, Hagerty, will always assist with motorcar valuations, removing time restraints from the normal channels. In this, as in many cases, we used a digital finance agreement to speed up the process even further. 

A happy and longstanding customer!

There is no shortcut to experience and we make every effort to ensure we provide an informative, educated, and mature service offering. Our access to the financial markets is extensive and we consistently review the products and services that we can offer. For any requirements for funding or loan restructure please contact us for an open discussion on 01869 351512 or completing the form here, we are always here to help.