Lauren’s Latest

Lauren’s Latest
7th October 2022 Team CSF

Lauren’s Latest

Are your borrowings under pressure?

Once again the Bank of England may consider raising interest rates in an attempt to further head off the current pressure of inflation. The recent increases are beginning to filter through from our panel of lenders and are now being reflected in the car and asset finance market. Now, more than ever, is the time to look at your current loans that will be maturing in the next 12 months and re-structure them to lock in the current fixed interest rate level. This could be important if you have multiple loans with different lenders, which may be consolidated into one facility at a fixed and lower monthly payment, prior to further rises. 

What can we offer?

Loan consolidation – A review of your multiple loans with different lenders to reduce your current monthly commitment and fix the interest rate.

Loan re-structure – A review of current debt levels on assets financed to create a more manageable re-payment plan. This applies to cars, machinery, boats, aeroplanes and commercial / business debt.

Capital release – Finance un-encumbered assets to raise capital for business ventures, alternative acquisitions and general cashflow.

Balloon re-finance – If you have a balloon payment due on your car in the next twelve months, now may be the time to review and re-structure. We may be able to lock in a cheaper re-payment plan at today’s interest rates, prior to further increase.

As a business, we are dedicated to making it easier for you to monitor, understand and analyse the economic climate. If you would like to discuss a potential re-structure or just take advice on your position, call the team today. As always, we are here to talk things through.

Our experience in the loan market is listening to your needs and working a strategy with you. Whether you have existing loans or looking to raise capital we are here to look at all options to find what suits your needs. Our access to the loan market means we have a diverse and competitive platform to work from.

Lauren Davis – Director.

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