Is it Concours?

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It is amazing how often people seem to get confused about what “concours” condition actually means. For those of you who aren’t quite sure we recommend that you watch this excellent video by Aston Martin heritage specialists Nicholas Mee & Company.

Respected classic car journalist & commentator Steve Wakefield takes us on a journey through the world of concourse events  from the Aston Martin Owners Club Autumn Concours to the world renowned Concours Of Elegance at Windsor Castle. Mark Donoghue – Charirman & Chief Judge of Concours at AMOC – explains how the 100 point judging criteria is divided between bodywork, chassis, interior and engine and the difference between originality and original specification.

Nicholas Mee also provides some tips on how best to enjoy getting involved in the concours scene and reminds us of the potential benefits to owners and their cars.

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Is it Concours? - Nicholas Mee & Company - Aston Martin Heritage Specialists

Concours events are a great day out whether you are a competitor or just there as a visitor. They are also beneficial to the hobby as a whole as it encourages competitors to look after their cars and maintain originality and original specification.

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