Classic car auction descriptions – our favourites

Classic car auction descriptions – our favourites
24th March 2015 Team CSF
Classic car auction descriptions - our favourites at Classic & Sports Finance.

Classic car auction descriptions – our favourites

We love classic car auction catalogues and over the years we have thumbed through an awful lot of them. Here are some of our favourite auction descriptions – all genuine – for a bit of fun.

A lovely restored Series 2 in the best colour combination – Primrose with with black

Each to his own, then….

Believed genuine

probably a ‘dry state’ car

Not quite sure?

restored maintaining as much originality as possible

Translation – restored spending as little money as possible


The car on offer was exhibited for a long time in a small private museum in Switzerland

Private museum? Somebody’s garage, possibly?

This car was in dry storage for some years

…but not all of them……

The mileage on the clock is said to be genuine and is partially backed up by old MOTs. Unfortunately, the early service history was lost when the second owner (for 11 years) moved house. The last owner was a professional garage mechanic, who maintained the car religiously and recently treated it to a new MOT, full service and new cam-belt.

Is there a difference between a mechanic and a “professional garage mechanic”? How good of him to “treat it” to maintenance and a compulsory MOT!

with fewer than 42,000 showing on its odometer

41,999 miles?

stored properly for preservation in a temperature-controlled environment

Kept in the garage.

It wears standard steel wheels that are wrapped in whitewall Michelin tires that have been installed 5,000 miles ago


it looks as good today as it did in 1960 and again after its restoration in the 1990s

Is that even possible?

The service history is rather scant with only 3 stamps in the service book, but the car has only covered 51,800 miles from new


Convince us.

 Reputedly a one owner car, we regret we have insufficient evidence to warrant this claim but reasonably suspect this would actually be one company and one private owner. What is bankable however is that the car has always been serviced by the same Ferrari importer and supplying dealer…..  but this is based on Japanese translation being correct so again, is unwarranted.

So – may be a one owner car with a full service history, if the translation is correct…..

[the car] benefits from a ‘ground upwards’ three-year restoration, completed in 2014, and is described as in generally very good condition.

Shouldn’t it be in perfect condition after a just -finished three year restoration?

it is not only historically significant but also one of the most unmolested, beautifully restored, and authentic of all examples

Unmolested and restored?

A comprehensive, two-year, nut-and-bolt concours restoration was undertaken in 2012, by one of Europe’s top early 911 specialist shops

Which one – please tell us!

presented in “barn find” condition

Not a barn find, but in terrible condition nonetheless…..

The car has always been MoT’d by the same technician

Well, that’s nice.

Exceptionally original

In desperate need of restoration.

Looking at the car in detail shows that it has clearly led a privileged life and we have not seen a better example in recent years

or until the next auction….

Finally, the car retains a very rare, original, and complete tool roll, which is an increasingly difficult set to find whole

We are still struggling to figure out why having the original tools is a big deal.


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Picture credit: Coys