• Mar062023

    Motorsport Announcement! – Official funding partner of ROKiT British F4 Championship 2023

    It was a real please watching these young drivers develop across each race and we are looking forward to what…

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  • Sep292022

    “Bubbles” and the start of Hesketh

    Published in Motorsport Magazine Sept 2022 Volume 98 No. 9 Click below to read via PDF Hesketh PDF

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  • Jul122022

    The Insiders Market Report: As Good as Gold?

    With annual inflation closing in at 9% and financial markets stalling I have been half considering liquidising my own portfolio and instead adding to my garage collection.

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  • Apr272022

    Congratulations to the new faces of British Formula 4.

    As a technical sponsor to your Formula 4 Championship, we would like to say a huge congratulations to the drivers…

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  • Apr132022

    Classic & Sports Finance on board for ROKiT British F4 2022

    Press Release : Classic & Sports Finance on board for ROKiT British F4’s new chapter Established in 1999, Classic &…

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  • Nov292021

    British F4 Launches 2022 Car

    26 November 2021 The ROKiT F4 British Championship certified by FIA has entered a new era as the second-generation car…

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  • Mar262021

    Fuelling the Future: E10 Fuel Changes

    What are the changes? From 1st September 2021, all 95-octane petrol on sale will be E10 grade, meaning that there…

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  • Apr022020
    Classic & Sport Finance Why Wealthy People Finance Cars

    Why Wealthy People Finance Cars

    Finance can often be a dirty word and there is a common misconception that finance is about affordability.  Of course…

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  • Mar102020

    CSF Sponsor the Bugatti Owners Club and Prescott!

    This year we are delighted to be welcomed into The Bugatti Owners Club and Prescott Hill Climb as it gives…

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  • Feb182020

    How To Fund Your Ambition

    “I didn’t have any interest in money growing up, because I didn’t have any. But when it came to getting…

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