UK’s only official Jaguar Lightweight E-type recreation bought by Stratstone

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If you already knew that Jaguar have recently built the “missing six” Lightweight E-types, you will almost certainly have wondered which lucky individuals managed to become one of the chosen owners of the £1 million cars. If you didn’t, you will be now.

“What began in 1963, continued in 2015. The coveted, next-generation ‘Special FT’ Lightweight E-types were originally built with new-style aluminium bodies in the sixties. 18 chassis were planned, but just 12 were built. Some 50 years later, we set out to finish what we started. We dubbed them The Missing Six.”

Jaguar Heritage

It was revealed last night that UK dealer group Stratsone are now proud owners of the only one of the six recreations to remain in the UK.



That’s quite a commitment for any organisation, even one with 11 Jaguar franchises. Stratstone have hinted that the car won’t just be a showroom queen so expect to see it at events across the UK working hard to cash in on its marketing power. Judging by the reaction on Twitter it may well prove to be a useful tool – Chris Evans, Jeremy  Clarkson and Jaguar have all been spreading the word about the new acquisition. 

It demonstrates the appeal of classic cars to large commercial organisations at a time when manufacturers and recently large dealer groups are getting more involved in the heritage game. It just begs the question – will Stratstone ever sell the car and if so, for how much…..


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