Concorso Italiano

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If you’ve always wanted to go to the amazing Concorso Italiano at Monterey Car Week but have never been able to make it, Harry Metcalfe has the answer. 

The Concorso Italiano claims to be the world’s largest Italian automobile event, and judging by this fantastic video from ex EVO magazine editor Harry Metcalfe we’re not going to disagree. There is an incredible amount of Italian exotica on display, and it’s fascinating to see classic Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis et al in pretty much every colour and specification you can imagine. It also highlights the American penchant for modifying their cars, so be prepared for some disturbing and surprising “upgrades” and consider how many US classics that find their way back to Europe are really in original condition.

True classic car enthusiasts will enjoy every minute of Harry’s 22 minute technicolour car-fest. Enjoy and keep your eye on Harry’s Youtube channel – Harry’s Garage – for more excellent videos.


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