Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed #5 – Waco Biplane

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Over the years we have helped our clients to follow dreams, pursue hobbies, build businesses, relocate businesses and purchase all manner of different play things…

Here’s our round up of the top 5 unusual items we’ve helped our customers to acquire:

Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed – #5 – Waco Biplane

Waco made biplanes from 1920 to 1947, and they are hugely desirable collector items. One of our longstanding clients approached us to finance a Waco to fuel an aviation hobby and realise the dream of a lifetime.

I want one. Can I buy one?

Prices start at around £150,000, depending on the specification and year of the plane.

We found this lovely 1931 WACO QCF-2 at Platinum Fighters, listed at $215,000.

Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Many of our clients have hobbies other than classic cars, whether that’s collecting, antiques or more unusual things like this. The Waco Biplane is a thing of beauty. When a customer phones to talk about something unusual, I spend more time learning about the hobby than we do talking about money. Now, where did I put my flying goggles…”


(Thanks to for the images, Australia’s premiere flight experience company)


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