Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed #3 – Purdey Shotguns

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Over the years we have helped our clients to follow dreams, pursue hobbies, build businesses, relocate businesses and purchase all manner of different play things…

Here’s our round up of the top 5 unusual items we’ve helped our customers to acquire:

Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed – #3 – Pair of Purdey Shotguns

Founded in 1814, James Purdey & Sons have been making exquisite high end bespoke sporting shotguns and rifles for over 100 years. Queen Elizabeth is recorded as having bought a pair of Purdey shotguns as early as 1838. Today a bespoke Purdey can set you back £70,000 or more and take two years to make.

I want one. Can I buy one?

British guns are highly collectible, especially when carrying the Purdey name.

We found this pair of rare Hunt-engraved 12-bore (2¾in.) shotguns for £250,000.

Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Like any investment, particularly in art, the value is in who has made it, the materials used, the detail… Ken Hunt’s work with Purdey really can be described as exquisite. He turns already wonderful shotguns into priceless works of art, which is why people invest in the Purdey name.”

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