Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed #2 – Riva Aquarama

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Over the years we have helped our clients to follow dreams, pursue hobbies, build businesses, relocate businesses and purchase all manner of different play things…

Here’s our round up of the top 5 unusual items we’ve helped our customers to acquire:

Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed – #2 – Riva Aquarama

Widely regarded as the most beautiful boat ever made, the original Riva Aquarama was produced from 1962-72 with just 281 examples made. The Riva Aquarama has been referred to as the ‘Ferrari of the boat world’, while Jeremy Clarkson famously described it as “a jaw-dropping, eye-watering, hand-biting man-made spectacle… the most beautiful thing in the world.” With a mahogany hull and two V8 petrol engines, we’re inclined to agree with Jeremy Clarkson on this one.

Ferruccio Lamborghini famously fitted his with two V12 engines, making a one-off and what was the fastest, most impressive, most desirable Aquarama ever made.

I want one. Can I buy one?

We found this impeccable 1969 example located in Italy. Expect to pay north of £300,000.

Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“It’s hard to argue with Jeremy Clarkson on this. If anyone can suggest a better boat on pure aesthetics alone, please comment below!.”

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