Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed #1 – Sherman Tank

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Over the years we have helped our clients to follow dreams, pursue hobbies, build businesses, relocate businesses and purchase all manner of different play things…

Here’s our round up of the top 5 unusual items we’ve helped our customers to acquire:

Top 5 Non Car Items We Have Financed – #1 – Sherman Tank

The Sherman Tank might not be something you’ll see at your local classic car show, but these World War 2 armoured tanks are highly sought after by collectors. Considering what they were designed to do, and just how disposable they were after the war, it’s amazing there are any of these left at all. We put together a finance package for a customer allowing them to own their very own unique slice of history.

I want one. Can I buy one?

There are a handful of these for sale around the world, with prices starting around £300,000.

We found this restored example, previously used by the Dutch as a Molotov cocktail target and a star of the Mad Max Fury Road movie. How’s that for provenance? The seller goes on to state:

“We are not sure of the vehicles War time history but we do know that it was used by the Dutch Military after the war and was then set up on a range as a Molotov Cocktail target. We had just about every nut and bolt off the vehicle, and this is all after we scraped and cleaned all the oil residue and glass out that was left over from the Molotov Cocktails!”

Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Well, you’ll never struggle for parking…”

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