Silverstone Auctions – The May Sale preview

Silverstone Auctions – The May Sale preview
12th May 2015 Team CSF

Silverstone Auctions – The May Sale preview

Silverstone auctions must have racked up some serious air miles and phone bills putting this sale together. There are so many non-UK, LHD cars we wonder whether there is anything left in the UK to auction. That said, they have done a great job putting together a truly impressive catalogue that boasts a multitude of eighties and nineties Ferraris which seem destined to find their way into UK showrooms. There are so many 355’s in the sale that dealers may have to hold some of them back from the market – or they may see this as an opportunity to corner it. Given that there are around forty 355s currently for sale (and not turning particularly fast) in the UK market we can’t see why private buyers would need to go to an auction unless it was to try and pick up a bargain, but we doubt there will be many of those. Nearly 45 percent of the cars (42.5% to be precise) are left hand drive which we think must be a new high for a UK sale although the numbers are boosted by a number of race cars and LHD-only production cars.

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The auction is a good example of how these sales are evolving – there is a lot of much more modern metal with low volume edition modern supercars such as the Porsche 911 (997) GT2 and Ferrari 430 Scuderia set to command some impressive and startling prices. The influx of cars from Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and Japan will surely have an impact on the UK market at some point and it will be interesting to see how many buyers there are from these countries. We’ll be carefully monitoring the UK classifieds to see when, where and at what price they reappear.

Whatever happens we’re sure it will be fun and fascinating. Click on the link below to view the cars we’ll be watching.

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Silverstone Auctions - The May Sale 2015