RM Sothebys – Villa Erba sale preview

RM Sothebys – Villa Erba sale preview
21st May 2015 Team CSF

RM Sothebys – Villa Erba sale preview

As usual RM Sothebys have put together a stellar array of all-star lots for their bi-annual Villa Erba sale which is held in conjunction with the Villa d’Este concours. With £27 – 34 million worth of cars up for sale and RM’s usual excellent catalogue and presentation we struggled to do anything other than shrug our shoulders and accept that is was the same tried, tested, fun and effective RM recipe with lots of exciting and expensive cars. In fact we were almost going to go so far as to say this is a “run-of-the-mill” RM Sothebys sale….

High milers creeping in?

Convert the Euros into £GBP and check the reading on the odometer and you get a slightly different view, though. There is an inexpensive (?) De Tomaso Mangusta (mileage not given) a selection of Ferrari’s finest and a Miura but many of the cars are a bit leggy and it does beg the question that we keep on asking – are the auctions beginning to struggle to find the very best stock and if so will the cars offered make what is expected of them? Could it be that this all-star cast is looking a bit long in the tooth (as far as the worlds greatest classic cars go, at least)?

We’re intrigued to find out what a manual Ferrari 599 HGTE will make as well – it could be the surprise of the weekend.

We will soon find out – the auction is this Saturday.

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