RM Auctions results – Arizona 2015

RM Auctions results – Arizona 2015
19th January 2015 Team CSF
RM Auctions.

RM Auctions results – Arizona 2015

RM put on their usual impressive show and certainly received the most attention on social media as well as notching up two “world records” – the most expensive car ever sold in Arizona and the best price achieved at auctions for a Ferrari 288 GTO.

Total lots124
Sold lots11290.32%
Unsold lots129.68%
Sold over estimate118.87%
Sold under estimate5745.97%
Sold in lower half of estimate2520.16%
Sold in upper half of estimate1411.29%
Sold in lower half of estimate or below8266.13%
Sold in upper half of estimate or above2520.16%
Sold at median estimate43.23%
Sold within estimate – ACCURACY4334.68%


Selected highlights

Lamborghini Urrraco – $126,000 sounds like a lot of money for an Urraco, but at £84,000 inc premium it sounds  a bit more sensible, especially if it is as exceptional as described. One of only 21 US spec cars and with 39,000 miles, it starts to sound like good value for an American Lamborghini collector.


Lamborghini Miura “SVJ” – a factory conversion that appears to have been doing the rounds sold for £1.25 million inc premium and was nearly $300,000 short of its lower estimate on the hammer.




Ferrari 250 LM – £6.3 million inc premium – selling on the hammer for $3.75 million below it’s upper estimate but considered to be a fair price.




Maserati 3500 GT spyder – £890,000 inc premium


Ferrari 288 GTO – an impressive £1.8 million inc premium, £300,000 more than the car sold by Bonhams in November.

Ferrari 250 GT Europa Boano – unsold

Audi Sport Quattro – £265,000 inc premium ($401,500)


Click on the image below for full RM Auction results and heatmap


CSF auction heatmap - Bonhams Scottsdale 2015