Range Rover Classic

Range Rover Classic
27th February 2017 Team CSF
Range Rover 1971 vs 1993

Range Rover Classic

In this episode of Harry’s Garage, Harry Metcalfe takes a look at the Classic Range Rovers:

We have seen more and more customers acquire and finance classic Range Rover’s in the last two years. Land Rover’s commitment to their heritage operations and their Reborn programs have certainly lifted the profile of all Land Rover products as collectable cars – although of course they were always desirable to a vast swathe of the population already.

“My dad bought of these when they first came out, he loved it. Please keep up the good work, I could listen to you reviewing a toaster” Scott Henderson – You Tube

What Harry has done here is interesting. Taking an early Suffix A and one of the last V8 Vogues before they developed a Discovery interior and were officially designated “Classic Range Rover” makes for a fascinating comparison. Despite looking like the same car (broadly speaking), the buying audience and character of both cars are very different as Harry explains.



[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJeCMcVIdZo” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”Classic Range Rovers compared” description=”Harry Metcalfe compares of the first and one of the last classic Range Rovers”/]

The development of the car may have taken place at a glacial pace but they are two quite different cars – if you are thinking of buying one or the other this video will give you plenty to think about (but we’re not sure how anyone could resist the towelling-style cloth seats of the later model).