New classic car auction launches

New classic car auction launches
13th January 2015 Team CSF
New classic car auction launches.

New classic car auction launches

Classic Car Auctions (CCA) holds it’s first auction for cars up to £25,000 in March 2015 at Silverstone circuit and is backed by Silverstone Auctions 

Silverstone Auctions has obviously spotted a niche in up-to£25k cars – CCA plan to hold an auction on the first Tuesday of every other month at Silverstone circuit with a consignment fee of just £60 and sensible buyer and seller commissions of 6%. Silverstone auctions currently specialise in British classics up to around £100,000.


We think it’s a smart move that will appeal to buyers and sellers at the lower end of the market and will no doubt have an affect on classic car dealers currently selling cars in that sector and will possibly also stimulate values of eighties and nineties classics. CCA are based at Silverstone Auctions’ office near Gaydon and use the existing team.

Speaking to Classic Cars For Sale, Auction Manager of CCA, Joe Watts, said: “Our aim with this new venture is to make buying and selling a classic car as easy and as straight-forward as possible, as well as to inject some energy into this area of the market. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable classic car specialists will provide sellers with honest and realistic estimates, combined with extensive marketing and well-presented sale days at a world famous, well connected venue which will help your car achieve a great price.”

CCA have also appear to have moved away from the old school motortrade-speak and presentation adopted by the majority of auction houses showing the cars in a more modern style in keeping with a younger  audience and a star-rated condition report that we like but remember to read the disclaimer.

A lot’s condition report is compiled based on information provided to CCA by the vendor of the lot. CCA has no access to lots prior to a sale but does review its condition on the day of the sale. CCA strongly recommends viewing a lot prior to a sale as it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.




We are sure they will do very well and look forward to analysing the results of their first sale.