Miami Vice Testarossa – “Possibly the most famous Ferrari known to exist”- goes to auction

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The iconic white Ferrari Testarossa driven by Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) in the classic Eighties TV series Miami vice is coming to auction at Mecum’s Monterey sale this August.

We would imagine that it would be hard to find a Testarossa lover who didn’t know about the Miami Vice connection, so presumably this car will find some enthusiastic bidders when it crosses the block and given the near vertical trajectory of Testarossa prices over the last six months (in the UK at least) the final sale price may surprise us all. We’d expect a Testarossa with this mileage and in good order to be listed on a UK dealer website at £120,000-170,000.

The car was for sale on eBay for an extended period – offered at $1.75 million – but failed to find a buyer. Offered with Classiche certification and only 16,000 miles it sounds like an interesting buy even without the Miami Vice connection. One of two similar cars used on the show, the Fox network reports that  the other one of the “Miami Vice” cars was reportedly purchased recently for $750,000, and its owner claims he’s since passed up offers for over $1 million – but of course he would say that….. His car is on display at the Swap Shop’s automotive museum in Fort Lauderdale.


So – it’s definitely one to watch at the Monterey auto week this year. You can find out more about the car on the Mecum Auctions website, where they list it as “Possibly the most famous Ferrari known to exist”.

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