Mercedes R107 SL

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The Mercedes R107 SL was one of the most expensive cars of it’s day but relatively high production numbers have meant that prices have remained sensible so far. Many enthusiasts are now turning to 1971’s R107 SL as a great everyday classic or as a the perfect boulevard cruiser and we are certainly seeing increased interest in the model from customers.

Did you know that in 1971 a 350SL was more expensive than a Ferrari Dino and twice the price of an E-Type? Did you know it has great brakes and that the 3-speed auto is better to drive than the 4-speed? Do you know how to fit the convertible roof? You’ll know all this an more after an enjoyable 20 minutes learning about the R107 with the inimitable Harry Metcalfe.

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Mercedes SL R107 classic, real world review


If you’d like more information how to finance a  Mercedes R107 SL then please give us a call on 01869 351512.


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