Manual vs Automatic – which is best? (video)

Manual vs Automatic – which is best? (video)
4th May 2017 Team CSF
Manual vs automatic classic cars

Manual vs Automatic – which is best? (video)

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Would you admit to liking flappy-paddle gearboxes?

As part of classic car insurance specialist Hagerty’s regular Automumble series, we discuss which is better – manual or auto – and discuss the driving outlook for the classic car enthusiasts of the future.

For the team, manual is a clear winner in the fun stakes when it comes to driving a sports car, but given the increasingly small numer of high-end sports cars that even have the option of a manual transmission, is it realistic to expect the drivers of the future to want to drive manual classics – or the cars that will be classic then? Or will they still enjoy the thrill of a totally different driving experience as owners of pre-war cars still do today?

Watch the video to find out what they thought.