Lamborghini Countach

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You don’t see many Countachs out on the road so it is a rare treat to see eight of them at once – particularly in motion. Harry joins a group of owners for a few laps of Rockingham, some road miles and lunch.

It is a great opportunity to see eight different Countachs together and compare differences. With their typically long production runs and numerous changes and updates, Lamborghini models have never been the easiest to identify so Harry offers a useful insight into identifying the differences.

“A tunnel with a load of Countachs in – you know what’s going to happen.”

He also touches on some of the upgrades and changes he is planning to make to his own Countach as well as those made by his fellow owners as well as tyre choice and what works for him.

If all that isn’t enough for you, the best bit is obviously watching and hearing a group of Countachs in action….

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8 Lamborghini Countach on road and track

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