Jaguar XJ220 Value and Brief History – Will the big cat leap?

Jaguar XJ220 Value and Brief History – Will the big cat leap?
25th July 2018 Team CSF

Jaguar XJ220 Value and Brief History – Will the big cat leap?

The Jaguar XJ220 – A Brief history and a look at Jaguar XJ220 Values:

Is the big cat due to leap, or has it already leapt? We take a quick look at Jaguar XJ220 values and delve into the history of what was either an automotive miracle or a gigantic sales flop…

In 1984 Jaguar was privatised, facing increased competition from German competitors and in need of a big brand boost.

Professor Jim Randle, former Jaguar director of engineering wrote an internal memo, requesting volunteers to work, in their own time, on a supercar project. Just 12 people signed up for ‘the Saturday club’ and giving Randle “the opportunity to do the job without any money.”

Just 10 months later, in the small hours of October 18th 1988, the V12 all-wheel-drive concept arrived at the National Exhibition Centre for the British International Motor Show, hours before the official launch. Even the marketing department hadn’t seen the car, despite saving a space for it on the stand.

The Jaguar XJ220 wasn’t intended as a production car, it was meant to be Jaguar’s way of saying ‘we are still serious about making cars, and we are still here’.

There was so much interest in the XJ220 that Jaguar announced a limited production run of between 220 and 350 cars at £290,000 a piece.

By the end of the show, 1,400 buyers paid a £50,000 deposit, leaving the order book four times over subscribed.

The global financial crisis and the downturn of the collector car market meant that time was not kind to the XJ220. Nor were motoring journalists. Road testers loved the acceleration and pace of the car but found it too big, too awkward, underbraked and overweight.

Although it was praised as an achievement, sales were slow. Just 282 cars were completed, with some still unsold as late as 1997.

Jaguar XJ220 Values – How much is my Jaguar XJ220 worth?

How much did a Jaguar XJ220 cost when it was new?

The original sale price was supposed to be £290,000, however with the way the purchase contract was index-linked by 1992 the list price balooned to almost £490,000.

Despite taking 1,400 deposits from interested customers, Jaguar struggled to sell the 282 they made, let alone the 350 they’d planned.

Is it true that Jaguar still had brand new, unsold XJ220 cars as late as 1997?

Yes, the downturn in the global market meant supply outstripped demand. The final ‘new’ XJ220 sold in 1997 for £127,550

How has Jaguar XJ220 value changed over time?

1991 – List price announced as £290,000

1992 – Complex global factors and index linking of contracts push list price to almost £490,000

2003 – this Jaguar XJ220 with just 111 miles on the clock sold for £105,000 at auction

2015 – This one didn’t sell at Silverstone auctions.

However we found one for sale with a dealaer at the NEC Classic Motor Show priced at £169,000

2016 – Prices start to accelerate north of £200,000

2017 – Bonhams sold one for £343,685 in October 2017

2018 – We recently spoke with a dealer who had just sold an exceptional example… Think £500,000 and you’re not far off.

2019 – Values have largely stablised and arguably cooled off…You should be able to find a good example for cicra £400,000

2020 – A turbulent year but a few examples have changed hands publically ranging £250,000 – £350,000. Perhaps now is the time to buy when one compares prices with its period counterparts.

What does the future hold for Jaguar XJ220 values?

When you consider what it would cost to put a Ferrari F40 or McLaren F1 in your collection, the XJ220 still looks a bit of a bargain.