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Instant Classic Cars – What is a classic car? Is it an icon of engineering, an old vehicle that has stood the test of time? Something that remains stylish and valuable decades after it was built? Or is it a car that sells out as soon as the order book is opened, made in small numbers to cause a big stir in the market? Here’s four of the latter. All four of these are less than 20 years old, yet can be classed as ‘Instant Classics’. Can you think of an Instant Classic? Let us know in the comments below.

We’ve used data on how many of each cars are on the road and off the road.

Why does it matter whether a car is shown as licensed or declared off the road? uses a Government data source to determine how many cars are ‘Licensed’ (and therefore being used on public roads) and how many are ‘SORN’ (declared off the road).

A car is declared off the public roads when it’s not in use, but in this case we aren’t talking about the MGB at the bottom of your garden or that rusty project you’re intending to finish. These four cars are all modern and very usable… So if these cars are declared off the road then someone is trying to keep the mileage down and the value up.

Instant Classic Cars – BMW 1 Series M Coupe (2011)

List Price When New: £40,020 Price Now: £42,750 with 32,200 miles. (Sold by Silverstone Auctions at the NEC Sale, November 2017.)

What is a BMW 1 Series M Coupe?

The BMW 1M uses a twin turbocharged 3-litre straight six giving 335bhp – BMW’s answer to the Porsche Cayman S, Nissan 370 Z and Audi TT RS. It was an instant success.

How rare is a BMW 1 Series M Coupe?

Just 450 came to the UK.

How many BMW 1 Series M Coupe are left?

According to, as of July 2018 there are 279 licensed and 89 showing as SORN’d (Statutory Off Road Notification).

BMW 1 M Production Numbers - How Many Left?

Instant Classic Cars – Ford Focus RS500 (2010)

List Price When New: £35,750 Price Now: £68,500 with 930 miles. (See the classified ad here)

What is a Ford Focus RS500?

It’s no secret that classic Ford values have rocketed in recent years, and it stands to reason that the desirability of the ‘everyman’ hot hatch should continue. The original RS500 was the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth of 1987. In line with the homologation rules of racing at the time, Ford needed to homologate 500 examples of it’s racing car for the road. Aston Martin Tickford did the job and the RS500 was born. All 500 were for the UK market, with 392 in black, 56 in white and 52 in moonstone blue. Good examples of the Sierra RS500 Cosworth are now changing hands for three figures.

The Ford Focus RS500 arrived in April 2010. It was a special edition version of the popular Ford Focus RS, with power upped to 345bhp. 500 were produced, all in Panther Black metallic with a special 3M wrap applied to the body to achieve the matte effect.

How rare is a Ford Focus RS500?

Only 101 came to the UK. Website shows 77 were taxed for road use in 2010, with only 33 showing as taxed in 2018. That means more than 50% of the cars bought new are not taxed today. Being a modern Fast Ford, the unaccounted for cars could have been stolen or written off… however we’re willing to bet most of those RS500s are safely stowed away.

How many Ford Focus RS500s are left?

According to, as of July 2018 there are 33 licensed and 52 showing as SORN’d (Statutory Off Road Notification)

Ford Focus RS500 Production Numbers - How Many Left?

Instant Classic Cars – Porsche Boxster Spyder (987)

List Price When New: £46,387 Price Now: £49,995 with 17,000 miles. (Currently for sale with dealer 911 Virgin)

What is a Porsche Boxster (987) Spyder?

A Porsche Boxster S minus 80kg, minus 20mm ride height, plus 10bhp, plus folding temporary roof. A raw drivers car in the style of the original Porsche 356 Speedster with a limited production run.

How rare is a Porsche Boxster (987) Spyder?

There’s thought to be around 1900 worldwide, with less than 250 coming to the UK, and less than half of those being manual. These cars were dealer specific, so not all cars will be in the raw, basic spec as was the intention of the Spyder. You want one with a manual gearbox, bucket seats, sports exhaust, lightweight Spyder wheels and air conditioning.

How many Porsche Boxster (987) Spyders are left?

Porsche Boxster Spyder – 243 licensed and 37 showing as SORN’d (Statutory Off Road Notification) source
Porsche Boxster Spyder S-A – 53 licensed and 22 showing as SORN’d (Statutory Off Road Notification) source

Porsche Boxster Spyder Production Numbers - How Many Left?

Instant Classic Cars – Fiat 500 Maserati Edition / Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati (2012)

List Price When New: £32,500 Price Now: £28,950 with 1,900 miles. Listed by a dealer.

What is a Fiat 500 Maserati Edition / Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati?

The all conquering and superbly successful Fiat 500, fettled by Abarth and manicured by Maserati. The standard Abarth 695 is a raucous hoot, a pocket rocket that really is simply naughty. The Maserati touch gives it a Grand Tourer level of style and luxury. Think plush leather and a fine finish, in either purple or grey – or Pontevecchio Bordeaux and Grigio Record Grey if you’re being picky. Officially known as the Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati, widely known as the Fiat 500 Maserati Edition.

How rare is a Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati?

Just 499 worldwide in Pontevecchio Bordeaux and 50 in Grigio Record Grey. Just 20 cars were allocated to the UK.

How many Fiat 500 Maserati Editions are left?

Of the 20 that were allocated to the UK market, Mike over at has tracked down 14:

“…these are very rare in the UK. The official total number of registered cars ‘via’ the UK seems to be 17. Although it seems two or three of these may have been for export, as three cars have different VIN numbers that don’t add up, so maybe just registered via the UK and sent to Asia/RHD countries. There were a few that were distributed to Asia countries from the UK but may not have been registered in the UK. Rumours of some Initial cars being used within a couple of the Maserati dealers, as service vehicles are unconfirmed, unlike the Similar  695 Biposto ‘Ferrari Edition’ of 2015. One of the cars was also used within an exclusive hire car company in London! And with that, it’s thought only 14 UK Cars remained within the UK network. There are 2 cars in Guernsey. with 5 cars being in the Grey.

Fiat 500 Maserati Edition Production Numbers - How Many Left?


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