H&H auctions – Duxford sale April 2015

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There were no shock results or even outstanding lots at H&H’s spring visit to Duxford this year – just a few years ago H&H were offering cars like Paul McCartney’s DB5 and Woolf Barnato’s Bentley at the very same auction.  This neatly sums up the problem that auctions appear to be experiencing – finding good cars is getting harder and harder.

As usual we selected a handful of vehicles to keep our eyes on and close inspection revealed that a lot of them have come from outside the UK, are left hand drive or have a “story” attached. There is no doubt that the best cars are making the best money and buyers are becoming more choosy. A number of cars looked like classic car dealer fodder  – bought at the right price, they will require some work and a well written explanation of the history before they reappear in a showroom.  Replicas again proved to be hit and miss although we don’t mind admitting that the Lamborghini Diablo replica looked OK (for a replica) and with a BMW V12 powerplant it should surely find a buyer.

We’d summarise the sale with the phrase “Steady Away”, but we can’t see UK auction’s catalogues returning to the heydays of a couple of years ago in the immediate future. If you disagree, please feel to add your comments below!

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