Finance for classic car auctions

By Edward Legge | Buying a Classic | 0 Comments

Have you ever discounted buying your dream classic at auction because your funds are tied up? ?

Well – there’s good news. Classic and Sports Finance can organise a pre-agreed lending facility for you for just that purpose. The facility can be agreed on a specific car (or cars) within an agreed price bracket (this obviously depends on the vehicle’s value). As auction houses generally specify that the invoice must go to the bidder (rather than a third party) we can either make arrangements to bid on a clients behalf or make the necessary arrangements to invoice the third party lender using our existing relationships with the auction houses. These relationships also ensure that you won’t be charged additional storage by the auction house (remember – most auctions require the winning bidder to pay for and pick up their car within 24 hours of the auction) while the paperwork is completed and funds transferred. We’ll even complete all the paperwork for you and can be on hand to offer advice and support at the sale.


To find out more about our auction services, please contact Rob Johnson.

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