f40 values

Ferrari F40 Values

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Ferrari F40 Values

The Ferrari F40 was released in 1987 with a list price in the UK of £163,00, about £460,000 at today’s prices. A total of 1315 were produced, which is more than three times the numbers of the F50 and Enzo that would follow it, with approximately 78 being registered in the UK.

Being left hand drive only, and with a relatively low number of original UK cars the market has typically been driven by continental European and US sales. From 2013 to 2019 there were 20 F40s sold at public auction in Europe, 25 in the US and six in the UK.

Speaking in general trends, European prices rose steadily from a from a starting point of c.€500,000 in 2014 through to a high-point in 2017 when values would consistently reach over €1m. The values peaked in late 2017 with all 2018 and 2019 public sales failing to reach this benchmark figure.

Ownership is made easy by having some of the leading European F40 specialists located in the UK. Apart from routine servicing it is worth checking when the fuel tanks were last replaced – these are required every ten years.

As with any blue chip vehicle the provenance is of the upmost importance, especially as some F40s that have come to market in recent years have had key parts of their history omitted. To ensure a genuine car, a purchase from one of the handful of F40 specialists in the UK would be prudent with a guide of £850,000 – £1,000,000.

Published in Motor Sport Magazine, May 2020

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