Far infrared garage heaters – the future of car preservation?

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The biggest revolution in garage and workshop heating for over 60 years? Car storage goes space-age with far infrared.

We were introduced to this intriguing new product by a customer who uses them to preserve the condition of their collection. In their own words, Herschel Far infrared “offers low-cost, drying heat that eliminates moisture and reduces the ageing effects of moisture and cold on metalwork, leather, plastics and fabrics whilst providing a very comfortable working environment for people.”

We’ve since spoken to owners and dealers who have had them  installed in garages and workshops in the UK as well as Europe and Nicholas Mee’s Aston Martin Heritage centre has recently also adopted the technology for its low cost, effective heat.

So – how does it work and is it really different?

Here’s what we learnt from Herschel Infrared. Traditional garage and workshop heating has traditionally been gas or those very fierce quartz lamps that emit the red light.

Gas is expensive to install and maintain and does nothing to discourage condensation – and because it is convection heating, fails to warm objects in the environment – so when the gas goes off, everything goes cold again, and quickly.

Quartz heaters give off a fierce heat and the same drying effect can be achieved with far infrared for less cost, without the ferocity of heat that can prematurely age sensitive materials as well as dispensing with the annoying red glare. According to Herschel, their Far Infrared system has the advantage of providing drying warmth, whilst warming all objects in the environment gently, meaning that with a good thermostat or control system, the environment remains warm and you can reduce the heater input over time and maintain a stable, warm garage or workshop at very little cost.

Herschel claim to have widest range of far infrared garage heaters in the world with solutions suitable for one-bay garages right up to industrial solutions for entire warehouses. All heaters are easy to install, have very low maintenance requirements and come with a 5 year guarantee – another advantage they claim over any of their competitors.

We’ve experienced them in action in a cart barn and the technology is certainly impressive as well as making more sense (to us at least) than the old fashioned systems. They are also discreet and easy to install.

Far infrared garage heaters - discreet and effective
Far infrared garage heaters – discreet and effective

As a special offer only to Classic & Sports Finance customers, the good people at Herschel have offered a 15% discount on all purchases for a limited time – please get in touch with us if you are interested.

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