Equity Release, Explained…

Equity Release, Explained…
16th January 2020 Team CSF

Equity Release, Explained…

What is Equity Release?

Release funds from assets you already own. Freeing up funds to allow you to do other things.

Why would I consider equity release?

If you require funds to complete other projects or purchases or would like additional cash flow.

How does it work?

Finance a vehicle or assets you currently own and receive a cash payment for the agreed amount.

What can I release equity from?

Cars. Boats. Planes. Jewellery. Ask us and we can discuss your options.

How much equity can I release?

That depends on your personal circumstances, however, the asset or vehicle must have a value upwards of £25,000. We can release up to 80% of the value.

Do I still have access to my assets?

Of course. They remain in your possession free for you to enjoy. Equity release works just like any other finance agreement.

Sounds interesting but I’d like to know a little more about it…

We know finance isn’t always easy to understand. Give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help.

Recent Case Studies

Jewellery collection

Our client needed to raise £50,000 against an insurance value of £150,000 of significant jewellery to finish a building project.

Musical Instruments

Rare and collectable musical instruments act as good collateral for capital release. Whether valuable pianos or guitars provided they have a value they attract good hire purchase terms.

Single Car

This car was nearing completion from a full restoration and our client needed capital to finalise the project.

Multi Car Collection

A requirement to raise £603,000 from a small collection of 6 cars with a market value of £1.3M for the purchase of a famous historic racing car being sourced abroad.