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If this doesn’t inspire you to plan a petrol-powered adventure then nothing will.

Harry Metcalfe takes his Beta 450R down to the south of France for an off-road journey across the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast of France.

In time honoured tradition, it’s a bit of a last minute decision for Harry which makes the trip even more challenging as he attempts to cover 1500 kms in 5 days off-road on a bike with an 8 litre fuel tank and no navigation with two friends.

If you are into your bikes and would like to plan an off-road expedition then this is invaluable watching.

It’s one of his best videos so far – get watching and then get planning!

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Enduro bike adventure. Off-road from Med to Atlantic via Pyrenees
Enduro bike adventure. Off-road from Med to Atlantic via Pyrenees

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