Drama at the Equipe GTS, Brands Hatch 23.06.18

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We enjoyed another fine few days racing with the Equipe GTS at Brands Hatch over the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd and just have to share this piece of first corner drama. The camera man from the stands picks up the cars coming down the legendary difficult Paddock Hill bend and as the green MGB (number 73) begins to spin, you see a number of cars taking skillfull last minute evasive action to avoid a very unwelcome pile up. One of those cars was our very own black with orange valance MGB (number 66) driven by Ed Barton Hilton.

At 0:41 in the video below, our driver has to take evasive action to avoid the back end of the spinning car and must have avoided contact with only millimetres to spare. At 0:43 you’ll see another Classic & Sports backed car, our blue MGB (number 10) flies into view heavy on the brakes with the front right wheel completely locked up, this just before a third Classic & Sports backed car (number 12) does a full 360 pirouette down Paddock Hill bend, again only narrowly missing the stalled car of number 73. Followed through by our number 14 thankfully pleased it was all over!

No casulaties but adrenaline flowing freely and a great team effort of skillful driving in this small but challenging series. Who said club racing isn’t fun?

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Equipe GTS chaos, Brands Hatch, 23 June 2018

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