Ferrari Enzo previously “damaged in road accident” for sale – £1.5 million

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“Presented here is a very unique Enzo with a fascinating array of special features that were unavailable on any other Enzo built. Fully certified by the Factory, this is perhaps the most exclusive Enzo available today. It is a unique Ferrari without peers and one to be cherished and appreciated.”

Sounds great doesn’t it? A fully certified and unique Ferrari Enzo being offered for sale by one of the world’s leading auction houses. If you were in the market for one you’d have to consider it, right? Well you’re in luck – RM Sothebys are offering the car for sale at their Paris sale on the 3rd February 2016 for an estimated £1.1 – 1.5 million

Closer inspection of the catalogue reveals that this was originally a UK car that made its way to California “where it was unfortunately involved in a road accident.” Frankly that doesn’t sound too bad and “the car has been fully blessed and certified by Ferrari Classiche, confirming its authenticity in every way”.

“the car has been fully blessed and certified by Ferrari Classiche, confirming its authenticity in every way”.


Crashed Enzo for sale


This car is interesting for a number of reasons and not least because of it’s history. In 2006, this is how it looked.


The car’s story is long and convoluted but it was travelling on California’s Pacific Coast Highway at speeds that are alleged to have been over 200mph when it crashed and the the police opened a fresh barrel of worms when they started questioning the driver…

Why would anyone buy the car?

On the face of it the estimate for this particular car is in line with recent prices for a good condition Enzo but in the last few months a couple of cars have been sold at auction for significantly more and this may have prompted the owner to bring it to market on the basis that it might just have started to look like an inexpensive way to get into Enzo ownership.

Why would Ferrari certify it?

We can appreciate the desire to keep as many Enzo’s on the road as possible – after all, they aren’t building any more of them. You could be forgiven for thinking it is a little cynical to rebuild a car that was this badly damaged but it also demonstrates the power of the Ferrari Classiche Certificate – the result of the sale at auction will indicate just how much cache that little piece of paper carries.

Has it been correctly described?

The answer to this is yes – RM Sothebys quite clearly state that it has been involved in an accident without adding any of the florid detail. It is a powerful reminder that you should always research any car before you buy it, particularly where no guarantee or warranty is given. Given the history of this car we would recommend looking at who currently has title very carefully.


We wait with baited breath to see what it sells for.

Update: the car sold for an amazing EUD 1.4 million on the hammer – with premium that’s £1.2 million – demonsrtating that even though a Ferrari Classiche certificate is expensive it can still offer great value for money!


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