CSF Sponsor the Bugatti Owners Club and Prescott!

CSF Sponsor the Bugatti Owners Club and Prescott!
10th March 2020 Team CSF

CSF Sponsor the Bugatti Owners Club and Prescott!

Established in 1929, The Bugatti Owners Club spent many years seeking a permanent venue until they acquired the Prescott site in 1937. The club has been based there since and Prescott Hill Climb is now a must-go-to destination for motorsport fans, with 30 days of action a year.

Below we have highlighted some key information and opportunities, ensuring you have every excuse to attend some of their superb events.

Exclusive Offers for Friends of Classic & Sports Finance

Discount Codes

We partner with the world’s finest clubs, events and dealers to bring you offers and insight you won’t find elsewhere. In partnership with the club, we are delighted to be able to provide a ticket discount code for all events. Use code CSF2020 on any event at Prescott

Membership Renewal

If you would like to become a member of the Bugatti Owners Club (Bugatti not required!) and Prescott Hill Climb, let us know. Any business transacted having originated from a club member will result in your annual membership being renewed at our cost.

La Vie en Bleu & La Vita Rossa – 23rd – 24th May

Before your ask, it translates to Life in Blue & Life in Red, in French and Italian respectively. An annual fixture at Prescott, La Vie en Bleu & La Vita Rossa celebrates all things French and Italian including Bugattis (of course), Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Lamborghini, Delage or anything else!

The BOC are looking for special cars to be on display during the day, so if you own some European Exotica and would like a day out as a guest of the club, please contact gemma@bugatti.co.uk

Can You Help Prescott?

Each meeting, a raffle is drawn for passenger rides up-the-hill with the proceeds going to the Friends of Prescott fund.

BOC is looking for owners of exciting cars to give passenger rides during lunch breaks at their events. So, if you would like to run the course at Prescott for free, and for a good cause, please contact gemma@bugatti.co.uk with details of your car and your availability.

Private Hill Climb Day

We are extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to host our own private day at Prescott, exclusive to Classic & Sports Finance clients and friends. A full day of driving, instruction and hospitality is on offer which will be very special indeed. If you have never been or wish to return we would love to host you for the day, contact us if you would like to come!