Classic & Sports Finance partners with Tracker to help prevent classic car theft.

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According to police reports, thieves are targeting classic cars, with owners of a wide variety of classic s falling victim to classic car theft.


Some insurers and finance companies now require customers to fit tracking system to higher value classics, so Classic & Sports Finance have partnered with TRACKER to offer the full range of TRACKER units which can be fitted at an agreed location.

“Classic cars are an easy target for thieves, as they are missing the security features we take for granted on modern vehicles,” says Stuart Chapman, Head of TRACKER’s Police Relationship Team. “With police reporting a rise in classic car thefts, it’s more important than ever that enthusiasts take steps to secure their pride and joy.”

Quick recovery essential.

Classic cars can actually be worth more in parts than as a whole, so a quick recovery is essential. Over 90% of cars fitted with a TRACKER device are successfully located and returned to owners, usually within 24 hours. TRACKER is the ONLY stolen vehicle recovery system operated by all Police Forces across the UK. Unlike other car tracking solutions, the device works even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or shipping container, offering car owners the ultimate in peace of mind should the worst happen.

Many classic cars are not for everyday use, and therefore their owners will keep them in storage for much of the time, leaving thieves the perfect opportunity to steal them – sometimes without even using the key, as they can be easily broken in to and hot-wired  or towed away. The TRACKER Battery Powered Retrieve battery powered TRACKER unit is a self-powered tracking device and uses TRACKER’s unique award winning technology that does not rely on the vehicle’s battery in order to operate.  The unit has a self-contained and hidden power source, which means it is even tougher for crooks to uncover.


To find out more or to get a TRACKER unit installed please contact us on 01869 351512 and we can provide you with all the detail you need.

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