Getting the right classic car finance deal explained in 1:30 seconds

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Rate, rate,rate. Everybody wants to know about the finance rate!

Rate is actually the last thing any classic car lender should talk to you about if you are enquiring about classic car finance. Why? Because they need to qualify you first before they offer a rate.

Increasingly some classic car lenders are getting customers to focus on APRs first because it is a convenient way of distracting them from the important issues – are you buying the right car, are you buying it at the right price and is the finance deal you are offered the right one for you?

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How to finance a classic car - Classic & Sports Finance

Have you been offered a deal with a small deposit and a large final balloon payment without asking for them? Have they asked you to sign a waiver to say you are a high net worth individual even when you may not be? Do you need to sign to say the classic or sports car you are buying is for business use only? If you have encountered any of these then you probably need to get a second opinion.

Watch our video to find out why our mantra Right Car, Right Price, Right People is so important.



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