Classic Car Equity Release – Capital Raising

Classic Car Equity Release – Capital Raising
24th September 2018 Team CSF
Classic Car Equity Release

Classic Car Equity Release – Capital Raising

Release the equity in your car – capital raising

In fact any asset of value can be offered as security against a low-cost loan.

Classic Car Equity Release

Historically if you needed to raise money quickly you were faced with begging the bank manager or turning to the more uncompetitive ends of the market and pawning your car or asset, thankfully no longer the case.

In the past few years we have worked closely with our lender to develop a simple, competitive and seamless way of raising money against something you own or wish to re structure a current loan against.

What can I raise against?

Our facility is predominantly targeted towards any asset with wheels but can be used towards any item of value and happy to discuss this with you. The asset can be unencumbered or in some cases we can re structure current loans to either release further equity or improve on your current agreement.

How does it work?

We have modelled this facility to ensure it is simple, fast and competitive with the loan being placed onto a standard Hire Purchase agreement. We can offer loans on a personal or business basis from £50,000 to £3,000,000 and even higher with further discussion.

Personal facilities enjoy the benefits of a Regulated Hire Purchase agreement (rare in capital raising) whereby you can make capital over payments and early settle with no penalties

There is no change in ownership on the V5 and we do not take possession of the car. Single car or collections can be financed with a typical loan to value of 80% and flexible long-term facilities with or without a balloon.

I would like to know more

Every enquiry we receive is different, so we take care to ensure we listen carefully and advise correctly.

Our experience will ensure you receive balanced and accurate advice and be offered the best from market.

Key points:

Classic Car Equity Release
Can it work for me?

To find out more about if and how this can help you, feel free to call and talk to us. We can qualify your enquiry quickly to decide if we can indeed help with your objective and offer an idea of the time line. Generally, our facility can be arranged within days and completed within a working week. Whatever your enquiry, feel free to call and talk it through.

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