Cars to see at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018

Cars to see at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018
10th June 2018 Team CSF

Cars to see at the Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018

The 2018 Chateau Impney Hillclimb is just around the corner, so here’s a round-up of what cars you can see and which classes they’ll be competing in:

Class 1 – Pre-1940 Standard and Modified Sports Cars Unsupercharged up to 1500cc

2017 Winner – Sue Darbyshire, Morgan Superaero, 49.07 seconds

Bugatti T13 Brescia, Austin Ulster, Austin 7 Ulster, Riley Bullet, GN Vitesse, Riley Ulster Imp, Morgan Super Aero, HRG 1.5 Litre Meadows, Bugatti T13 Brescia, Riley TT Sprite

Class 2 – Pre-1940 Standard and Modified Sports Cars Unsupercharged over 1500cc

2017 Winner – Ewen Getley, Bentley 3 Litre, 48.24 seconds (new class record)

Bentley 3/4.5 Litre, Delahaye, Bentley 3/4.5 Litre, Talbot-Lago T23, Lagonda LG 45 Le Mans, Vauxhall 30-98, Allard Tailwagger, Invicta S Type, Invicta S Type

Class 3 – Pre-1940 Special Sports Cars and All Supercharged Sports Cars up to 1500cc

2017 Winner – Dr David Pryke, Morgan Riley, 47.70 (new class record)

Maserati 4CS, Maserati T26, Maserati 4CS, Lea-Francis Hyper, Austin Super Sports, Riley 12/4 Special, Riley TT Sprite, Amilcar CGSs, Lea Francis Hyper “S”

Class 4 – Pre-1940 Special Sports Cars and All Supercharged Sports Cars over 1500cc

2017 Winner – Tom Waterfield, GN Dragonfly, 47.62

Alfa Romeo 1750 GS, GN Dragonfly, Frazer Nash Bugatti Nash, Frazer Nash Super Sports, Riley Elf, Ford Model 68, GN/Frazer Nash Piglet, GN Gnome, Bugatti T51, Invicta High Chassis

Class 5 – Edwardian and Veteran Cars

2017 Winner – Geoff Smith, Piccard Pictet Special, 53.02

Vauxhall A Type, Locomobile Model 38, Peugeot GP, Piccard Pictet Sturtevant Aero Special, Sunbeam 16/20, De Dietrich, Theophile Schneider, Darracq 200Hp, Scat Type C Targo Floria, Hudson Super Six, Vauxhall Viper, Fafnir Hall-Scott Special, Berlet Curtiss

Class 6 – Pre-1940 Racing Cars up to 1100cc

2017 Winner – Gary Clare, Grannie, 49.98

Grannie, Austin 7 Kaye Petre Replica, MG Q Rep, GN Gnat, GN Phoenix, Morgan Super Aero, Hardy Special Mk III, Amilcar CO, Austin 7, BNC supercharged

Class 7 – Pre-1940 Racing Cars Over 1100cc and Up to 1500cc

2017 Winner – Ben Fidler, ERA AJM1, 45.01 seconds (new class record)

Maserati 6CM, Maserati 6CM, Morgan Super Aero, MG NA Bellevue, Morgan Super Aero, Riley Falcon Special, ERA B Type, ERA R12C, ERA R12C, Riley Superrat, Frazer Nash Monoposto, Morgan/GN Salome, Richard Bolster Special, GN Spider

Class 8 – Pre-1940 Racing Cars over 1500cc and up to 3000cc

2017 Winner – Ian Baxter, Alta 61 IS, 43.71 seconds (new class record)

Alta 61 IS, Wolsley Hornet Special, Bugatti Type 35B, Bugatti Type 51, Hotchkiss AM80 Brooklands, Bugatti Type 35B, Frazer Nash Shelsley, Frazer Nash Nurburg, GN Caesar Special, ERA R3A, ERA R4A, ERA R7B, ERA R4D, ERA E Type GP1, ERA Riley, ERA Delage, Bugatti Type 54, The Hornet Racing Special, Bugatti Type 35B, Bugatti Type 51

Class 9 – Pre-1940 Racing Cars over 3000cc

2017 Winner – Justin Maeers, GN Parker Special, 44.57 seconds (new class record)

Frazer Nash Norris Special, Giron Alvis, GN Parker, Leyland-Thomas No 1, Menasco Pirate, GN Thunderbug, Amilcar Hispano Special, Bentley 4 1/4, Napier-Bentley, Hillgrass Sprint Car, Talbot Single Seater Special, Amilcar G Type Montlhery, GN JAP V8

Class 10 – Racing Cars Up to 500cc from 1946 to 1967

2017 Winner – Mark John Riley, Creamer Special, 45.70 seconds

Cooper Mk XI, Staride Mk III, Waye JAP, Creamer Special, Cooper Mk VI, Kiehn Special, Cooper Mk V, Hornet F3, Cooper MK IIX, Cooper MK V

Class 11 – Pre-1961 Racing Cars up to 1500cc

2017 Winner – Mark Woodhouse, Elva FJ 100, 43.18 seconds

Morgan Supersports, Morgan Super Aero, Morgan Supersports, Hale Morgan, Cooper T52 (Mk 1 Formula Junior) Lotus 18, Cooper Mk VII, Lotus 18, Assagai F1, Cooper MK7, Elva 100 FJ, Bond Formula Junior, Cooper Mk IV, Gemini Mk2, Cooper T43, Gemini MK2, Cooper MK7, Cooper Mk4

Class 12 – Pre-1961 Sports and Sports Racing Cars Up to 2200cc

2017 Winner – Justin Maeers, Cooper Monaco T49, 44.46 seconds

Lotus XI, Morgan Plus 4, Austin Healey Mk 1 Sprite, Cooper Monaco, Porsche Speedster, Austin Healey MK1 Sprite, Lotus Elite, Lotus MK6, Porsche 356A Super, Lester MG, Lotus Elite, Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, Ferrari 500 TRC, AC Ace Bristol, MG Dargue, Berkeley B105, Cooper Bristol T24/25, Connaught L2

Class 13 – Pre-1961 Sports and Sports Racing Cars Over 2200cc

2017 Winner – Malcolm Thorne, Lotus Buick 15, 43.34 seconds (new class record)

Owen Jaguar, Ferrari 250GT SWB, BRM Jaguar Mk I, Jaguar D type, Jaguar C-Type, Chapman Mercury III, Jaguar D type, Farralac Mk II, Aston Martin DB3/S, Lister Jaguar, Lotus Buick, Austin Healey 100/6, Ferrari 250 Chevy Hot Rod, Jaguar C-Type

Class 14 – Pre-1961 Racing Cars over 1500cc

2017 Winner – Rod Spollon, BRM P48, 46.17 seconds

Connaught A Type, BRM P48, Alvis Goodwin Special, Cooper Bristol Mk II, Chapman Mercury I, Maserati 250F, Maserati 250F, Jim Robbins Special, Ford Model T Roadster

Class 15 – Pre-1968 Sports and Sports Racing Cars

2017 Winner – David Gidden, Lotus 23B, 41.25 seconds (new class record)

Mclaren M1B, Cooper T61 Maserati, Maserati T61 Birdcage, Lola T160, TVR Griffith, Chevron B8, Chaparral Mk 1, Chaparral Mk 2, Ford Mustang, Ford Mustang, Ford Mustang, Elva Mk 7S, Lotus 23B, Lotus 30, Renault Dinalpine A110, Chevrolet Camaro 2/28, Lotus 23B, Morgan +4 Competition, MGB, Volkswagen Beetle, Marcos 1800, Lotus Elan GTS, Morgan Plus 8, AC Cobra, AC Cobra

Class 16 – Pre-1968 Racing Cars up to 1500cc

2017 Winner – Jack Woodhouse, Lotus 20/22, 39.33 seconds (new class record)

Lotus 20/22, Cooper Formula Junior T56, Huffaker BMC MK2, Cooper T75, Cooper T59 FJ, Merlyn Mk 5/7 Junior, Merlyn Mk 7

Class 17 – Pre-1968 Racing Cars over 1500cc

2017 Winner – Martin Jones , Brabham BT21B, 40.53 seconds

Lotus 20/22 FJ, Lotus Type 35 F2, Brabham BT21-X, Brabham BT18, Cooper Daimler, Brabham BT18, Lotus 51A, Brabham BT21-B, Brabham BT23C, Brabham BT21-B, Lotus 51A, Elden Mk 6 Formula Ford, Cooper T59

Class 18 – Production Saloon Cars from 1950 to 1967

2017 Winner – David West, Austin Cooper S, 44.69 seconds (new class record)

Morris Minor ‘Bluebell’, Austin Mini Cooper S, Austin Mini Cooper S, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, BMW 1600Ti, Ford 105E, Morris Cooper S