Countach Buying Guide

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If you want to know what it’s like to buy and own a Lamborghini Countach, then watch this video from Harry’s Garage.

Harry Metcalfe is a serial car buyer and owner and his car videos are very informative, fun and direct from the mind of a true petrolhead. We’d highly recommend watching this video if you are thinking about buying a Lamborghini Countach (or even if you aren’t) as it provides insight into the Countach’s history, what to watch out for if you are buying and what they are like to own and drive.  Be under no illusion, these aren’t the easiest of machines to live with but the rewards are great.


You can watch more of Harry’s videos at Harry’s Garage on YouTube and if you would  like to arrange finance on a Lamborghini Countach please call us on 01869 351512. Finance is available up to 60 months on any age of vehicle with no limit on the vehicle’s value.


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