Approved Partner Focus – Windrush Storage

Approved Partner Focus – Windrush Storage
28th February 2018 Team CSF
Windrush Classic Car Storage

Approved Partner Focus – Windrush Storage

We value our programme and ensure that any partner invited to join shares our own well-established philosophy of exceptional value and unbeatable service. At Windrush Storage we had no reservations at all and as you see from the vision of owner Tim Earnshaw taking car storage to its ultimate level has become his dream. Leaving your baby with a sitter takes trust, irrespective of cost.

What makes the difference? Windrush gives your vehicle the same luxury treatment its owner would expect when staying away from home, keeping your mind at ease knowing that your loved one is being fully pampered while it rests. They offer a luxurious spa hotel for your car and have a passion for providing the ultimate storage solution with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Established in 2004, they are the first and only dehumidified vehicle storage company in the world certified to ISO9001 quality standard.

In addition, your car is fully managed whilst in the care of Windrush. Not only is it subject to the ultimate valet and detail service, they also dehumidify and control the climate of their storage centres to make sure your car is kept in optimum condition (there are two of them, the Cotswolds and central London or “town and country” as we view it). All cars being fitted with a high-quality cover (any colour, as long as it’s blue) a battery conditioner and parked with room to spare (not the normal sardine scenario we often see), there is no better place to store your single car or collection.

What I was struck with on my visit was the meticulous attention to detail and which, with the touch of OCD about me, made me feel I wanted to stay myself! Upon arrival, all vehicles are valeted and prepared prior to storage to give absolute peace of mind to the owner. The process is photographed to keep you updated on the care and attention they provide and a comforting video of the induction process can be seen here: CLICK HERE

The company has a portfolio of specialist preferred partners/suppliers who can provide anything your motorcar could possibly need. Servicing, repairs, modifications, MOT tests etc should your vehicle need attention while in their care. Prior to your use, all vehicles are fully checked and prepared to ensure they are impeccably presented and that the smallest details are attended to before you arrive.

The unique proposition from Windrush and one we like is that there is only one level of service. Essentially you are buying the space and not a premium level if you happen to own a car from the worlds top table. All the cars receive the same impeccable treatment and interestingly I could see a total variety of treasured cars in the facility. If you love something, you love it, what ever its market value and Tim and his team ensure they share that sentiment.

So, what does this 5 Star spa hotel cost? We were impressed at the value for money and value is the way to see it?

London (Town) Storage with 24-hour contact £98 plus VAT per week and Cotswolds (Country) £52 plus VAT per week.

For your money – high level security, climate-controlled environment, 24/7 access prior to arrangement, a soft breathable cover (in any colour as long as it is blue), continuous connection to a trickle charger / battery conditioner and daily checks to all vehicles. Easy when there is plenty of space around it. By arrangement the team can have your car ready to go 365 days of the year. In addition, there are supporting services provided such as covered transportation to and from a desired location, full detailing service (have a great detailing facility) servicing, repairs and MOT maintenance through the portfolio of partners. To top it all, the firm will act as a PA for your car/s with full documentation management.

I have seen some storage facilities but Windrush most certainly is a market leader and operated with the same passion we all share for our babies. We welcome Windrush to our Partner Programme and look forward to working with them.