Alfa Romeo Duetto

Alfa Romeo Duetto
15th November 2016 Team CSF
Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Alfa Romeo Duetto

More temptation arrives for Harry in the form of an Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider fitted with the 1750 engine and available for sale with one of our Dealer Partners – The Hairpin Company.

The Duetto Spider was designed by Pininfarina who also manufactured the body and assembled the car. Originally a beautiful boat-tail design it famously featured in the movie The Graduate being driven by Dustin Hoffman although in a nod to the car’s electrical gremlins he runs out of fuel.  The Alfa spider was of unibody construction and Harry notes that it drives well and is stiffer than expected – he particularly likes the almost-one-handed operation of the convertible roof.

“Feels like a mini-exotic”

After a thorough inspection of the car and a an enjoyable autumn drive Harry passes his judgement on the car – watch the full video to find out what he thought of it.

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We have financed many classic Alfa Romeos including the Duetto Spider – if you would like more information on the options available for financing a classic Alfa Romeo please call us on 01869 351512 or enquire online.

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